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Kurt Hummeldorf, DMD-PC

5 out of 5 stars based on 66 reviews.

Patient Review By christopher w

Grrat staff fast procedure recovery was a breeze

- christopher w

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Patient Review By Paris B

Everything was great! Dr. Hummeldorf even called me after to make sure I was okay. I left some personal items behind and they held on to them for me. Great people, I loved it here!

- Paris B

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Patient Review By Ilene S

Terrific treatment care and treatment.

- Ilene S

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Patient Review By Monique R

Everyone on staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, and made my surgical experience a breeze. They are great!

- Monique R

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Patient Review By Terri S

Dr hummeldorf and his staff made my oral surgery easy and painless.

- Terri S

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Patient Review By Sharon Y

I HIGHLY RECOMMED Dr. Hummeldorf and his staff for implant placement as my experience throughout the entire process was wonderful!

- Sharon Y

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Patient Review By kelly w

The office was so great, everyone made the process so easy. I'm very happy with everything and woukd definitely recommend coming here!

- kelly w

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Patient Review By candice t

Thank you!

- candice t

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Patient Review By Mary M

The Doctor and staff go above and beyond the appointment to make sure i was well informed and confortable. Everyone is very courteous and kind. In fact I found it great that the Doctor personally called to check on me after the surgery and that several days later i received a Get Well card that also had a contact number incase I had questions and had a problem.

- Mary M

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Patient Review By jeanne B

You are very professional,caring and patient with our questions about the procedure and follow up visit.. We will return for future implants, if needed Thankyou for the excellent experience. .

- jeanne B

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Patient Review By brett d

I was nervous having my wisdom teeth removed - but Dr. Hummeldorf and staff made me comftorable and the extractions went surprisingly pain free.Thanks!

- brett d

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Patient Review By jackson k

Very vast procedure would recommed anyone to this surgeon!

- jackson k

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Patient Review By Katherine I

Everyone is really friendly! I felt well taken care of! 🙂

- Katherine I

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Patient Review By Michaela G

Best dental experience

- Michaela G

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Patient Review By Paige M

They made the process as painless and comfortable as possible! Excellent service and staff. Followed up multiple times to make sure I was healing well! Would definitely recommened, gave me flawless service!

- Paige M

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Patient Review By Mary L

Wonderful! Top-rate in every way.

- Mary L

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Patient Review By Claire K

Great service from start to finish! Promptly answered all my questions prior to my appointment. Once I was in the office, the staff were very friendly and Dr. H exceeded my expectations.

- Claire K

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Patient Review By carli p

Great oral surgeon, his team is also amazing and very helpful!

- carli p

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Patient Review By Melissa F

Dr.Hummerdorf and the staff made my procedure as easy and painless as possible. They all worked to put my pre-surgery nerves at ease. Very professional office

- Melissa F

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Patient Review By Hannah S

Good experience

- Hannah S

5 out of 5 stars on

I want to thank you and your great staff for the care you provided for me on May 23, 2014. I admit to being nervous and apprehensive, but soon realized I was in great hands.

As you well know, I was definitely NOT looking forward to getting all four wisdom teeth extracted, but my experience with Dr. Hummeldorf & his staff was so great that I can actually say the whole process and recovery was SO smooth, I was comfortable the entire time! Dr. Hummeldorf is great at what he does — I had minimal (if any) swelling after the procedure, he is on call 24/7 for any questions or concerns, and I was in no pain at all thanks to him. He and his staff went out of their way to make sure I felt relaxed and comfortable. I really appreciated him calling me the day of my surgery to see how I was doing & the get well card he mailed as well. I will DEFINITELY recommend Dr. Hummeldorf & his staff to anyone I know who needs their wisdom teeth extracted. Thank you so much for your professional and kind service, Dr. Hummeldorf! you’re only successful in business when you surround yourself with good people. Your staff, and especially Susan (I hope I remember correctly), were not only professional, but genuinely showed they cared. That is the best marketing calling card your business could have. It builds loyalty and certainly brings referrals.

It also takes great leadership to build such a team. Your team speaks volumes of your gifted leadership. I can attest to your oral skills in more ways than one. It took skilled tenacity to deal with the red tape that can be the Veterans Administration, and to do so on my behalf with the desired result, showed a great commitment to your patient.

Your business is customer centric and that will pay off in the long run. Much appreciation and many thanks to you and your staff. Oh … and thanks for the evening phone call to check on how I was doing! I’m doing fine … thanks.

 — Tom D (May 2014)

I have never written a letter of this nature before to a medical provider but felt compelled to write you and thank you so very much for not only your professionalism but your thoughtfulness and caring attitude for a patient. I also appreciate very much your explaining to me in detail the procedure and the future options that I have available to me. Thank you Dr. Daly again for your kindness and professional care. — J. Paul Esq. President (May 2012)

We wanted to take the time to thank you for being such a good dentist. You do great work and are very dedicated to your patients. Thank you Dr. Daly for the follow-up call at home and the get well card! — LK and RR (July 2012)

Everything was so professional and clean. Lovely nurses and the Doctor Kurt Hummeldorf, DMD who performed my surgery was so attentive, explained everything and made my visit so pleasant! Everyone worked as a team and were so understanding! Nurse April held my hand and Dr. Hummeldorf was so careful yet so fast in his hands to get both my teeth out asap.

Believe it or not, I LOVED getting oral surgery!! In the evening Dr Hummeldorf called me himself to check on me!!! Who does that anymore?

I have nothing but good things to say about this place and Dr Hummeldorf! I highly recommend it to everyone needing oral surgery and having a bit of a scare of this kind of procedure. — Esra A (Nov 2013)

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the very professional service that Dr. Daly provided for our granddaughter. She was very happy later in the day that her face was not swollen and she had experienced little pain. Her friends could not believe how good she looked and felt. We were very impressed with your entire office. — S and LS

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