Extractions for Orthodontia

Fortunately, with new and improved technology, extractions are becoming less common with orthodontic treatment.  Recent studies have indicated that only 15-20% of prospective patients will need extractions.  Patients evaluated at an early age are far less likely to require extractions when they become ready for orthodontic treatment.  This is the main reason the American Dental Association recommends your child’s first evaluation around age 7.

There are three basic reasons why extractions may be beneficial:

  • To make more room for crowded teeth.
  • To correct the alignment of a bad bite.
  • To correct protrusion of the front teeth and lips.

Understanding that each patient is different and has individual needs, our doctors can perform a thorough examination to determine if extractions are indicated.  

Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Hummeldorf can extract teeth to improve your oral health, relieve pain, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment. Contact us to learn more.

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